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Mental health is a very common yet complex and often misunderstood topic.  Many misconceptions have developed which have created barriers for those suffering, as well as limiting the willingness of others to reach out and support those that are.  It is the goal of this training to educate participants, as well as motivate them to take action and make real change in our mental health culture at UNI.


Part one of this two part training focuses on gaining a greater understanding of mental health and its effects on individuals and our environment.  Participants will learn about mental health terminology, types of mental health, current findings, and personal perceptions.  Additionally, this interactive session will focus on breaking through mental health myths and understanding the facts regarding mental health and persons with mental concerns.


Part two focuses on addressing stigma, creating a "Culture of Care" in your organization, workplace, or community, as well as developing the skills to become a mental health ally.  Participants will learn the eight commandments of becoming a mental health ally and use activities to understand the effectiveness of these skills.


Part 1 is 1 1/2 hours and section 2 is 2 hours in length and need to be taken in order.  Attending both sections entitles you to a "Mental Health Ally" placard.  


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